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What are my NextSteps?

Whether you’re a new Christian or you’ve been a follower of Jesus your entire life, everyone has a next step to take on their journey. NextSteps is designed to help you grow personally and spiritually, to connect with other believers, and find freedom from past hurts or mistakes. No matter who you are or where you come from, there's a next step for you.

You belong here!

God is up to AWESOME things in our church and community! #RevivalisHere! We're a loving church family sharing the hope of Jesus with a lost and hurting world. God is moving in our services and lives are being changed, and we'd love for you to be part of it! When you're here, you're home.

Ken & Jeannie Robinson

Lead Pastors

The church is at its best when people feel loved and accepted while still hearing the full and empowering truth of God's Word. Our Lead Pastors are passionate about Jesus, about people, and about seeing people grow in God's Word and Holy Spirit power!

"Pastor Ken loves people, and we have been blessed by his ministry."

Tim H.

"I love this church; amazing people ❤"

Kaleb B.

"The most up lifting church I have been to in years. The people here are so friendly and inviting, they make you feel welcome the way churches are supposed to."

- Mary C.

"Absolutely Love our church & our church family!!
Great place to both worship and hear God's Word!!"

- Angela S.

"Wonderful, welcoming church. We were warmly greeted and felt loved."

- Linda F.

I look forward to going here and hearing God's Word. When I leave for home, I feel like a ton of weight was lifted from my shoulders.

- J. Clark

"An amazing, Holy Spirit filled place of worship! ❤"

- Amber Q.

"Amazing Church Family. Proud to be a part of God’s plan with some incredible people."

- James E.

"Great and loving place to find God. People are loving and genuine."

- Tim M.

"Love the Pastor and members! So kind and friendly!"

- John G.

"Love this church. God always shows up. Pastor Ken is great."

- M.

Life more abundantly.

Whether it's Sunday services, Wednesday LifeGroups, or fun events throughout the year, we have numerous opportunities for people to gather together, encouraging one another to live life more abundantly!

Sermons Online

Dig in to God's Word by listening to our latest sermons online. Share a sermon with a friend or family member. Be encouraged. Be empowered.

Main Gathering Times


10:00a Celebration Service

+ Full KiDZ Life Service (ages 3-4 & 5-11)
+ Wee KiDZ (ages 3-4)
+ Baby Life (Infants & Toddlers) Child Care

Livestream here!


6:30p LifeGroups & onelife youth

LifeGroups = Something for everyone!
+ Full KiDZ LifeGroups
+ Baby Life (infants & toddlers) Child Care