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Please remember that all positions are strictly volunteer positions and our Lead Pastor, Ken Robinson, and other applicable/overseeing pastors will have absolute leadership authority and decision-making over all volunteers and positions held here at Abundant Life Church. We LOVE, value, and appreciate ALL team members! We want our volunteers to feel called and dedicated to the Kingdom work they do, and we strive to always maintain a very high level of Christlikeness, excellence, and servant leadership in all we say and do!

Head Photographer

Position Type: Volunteer, Servant Leadership Position
Directly Serves Under: Chad Robinson, Worship & Creative Arts Pastor
Description: Under the direction of the Worship & Creative Arts Pastor (Chad Robinson), our Head Photographer will be the primary overseer of the sharing of our Christ-centered message and Christ-centered story through clean, creative, and quality photography. They will help connect people to the exciting Hope we have (JESUS), and to the fun community we are as a church family, through this volunteer ministry position. Our Head Photographer must love JESUS, must love our church/church family/our community, must be able to work well with others (and also potentially lead others in this creative ministry area in the future), and must love using their natural photography talent to share powerful stories about the amazing things God is doing in and through our church! 
Skills & Requirements
  • Must be a devoted follower of Jesus; must exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit in their everyday lives; must be able to follow instructions and have a coachable spirit/demeanor; and must sign and follow our church's code of conduct and our Creative Team's Ministry Covenant.
  • Must be a member of our church or actively completing NextSteps Grow Path and moving toward membership (and don't let this scare you... membership is an easy and cool thing!).
  • Must work with the WCA Pastor to match the vision of this ministry and the overall 'look and feel' of the end product/photography produced. Looking to create a modern and fresh look.
  • Must be able to take high quality photos in various settings (indoor and outdoor), and must be able to move between different environments and different lighting aspects (sometimes quickly).
  • Must be able to take high quality photos with great depth of field in low-light environments WITHOUT the use of a flash (to minimize distractions during services and more intimate settings). Flash can be used during appropriate, less formal events (at direction of WCA Pastor). 
  • Must be able to maneuver quietly and stealthily in our building, in our services, and at our events to all different spots to take the best photos possible from the best angles possible. 
  • Must dress in darker clothing during lower-lit events/services to ensure optimum stealth mode.
  • Must be able to organize photos; communicate clearly as well as organize and place people for great photo shots; and create memorable moments that highlight our people, our church, and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) the message of Jesus through photography.

Other Details
  • This is a volunteer leadership position. We consider this a leadership position as they will work to help oversee others who may join this team in the future. #WeAreAllServantLeaders
  • Other things may apply. Please visit with Chad Robinson, our Worship & Creative Arts Pastor, for additional details.
  • Must be able to submit photography work to demonstrate they have the needed skillset to hold this position (may be asked to supply additional examples if further review is needed). We appreciate that there will be individuals who have a passion for photography who may apply, but we will be careful and diligent in our selection of this team member to ensure our servant leader in this position has the necessary skills to help grow this ministry and develop others.

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