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The power of One.

You belong here. You are our people. ;)

  • onelife youth, led by Pastors Joey & Jessica Rogers, is a youth ministry passionate about students and helping them realize their full potential in Jesus! 
  • 6th through 12th grade students will find themselves feeling right at home, having fun, growing in Jesus, and gaining full strength and confidence in the ONE who is their source of life and hope!
  • The "ONE" in onelife stands for Jesus, because He matters most in life! Period. We also want youth to realize 'the power of one'...what God can truly do through THEM, even as one person, if they sell out and follow Jesus, "The One," with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength!
  • This is a safe place for youth to learn, grow, make lasting friendships with others their age, and become more like Jesus in a meaningful and relatable way. 

Joey & Jessica Rogers

Youth Pastors


A place where you belong.

Let's go hard after Jesus and have fun while doing it!

Not a single one of us in our group are exactly alike. And we love that! God made you uniquely "YOU!" He wants to help you at every turn in life and help you become more like Him! And we can all do that together! You are NOT a mistake, you are NOT your past failures or regrets, and YOU are loved and belong here! Come join us on this journey called life... you won't regret it!


onelife service :: 6:30p - 7:40p

At our weekly onelife service, students ages 12 to H.S. Senior meet in the Life Center for a great time of worship, hearing God's Word, fun games they can either watch or participate in (some of them are HILARIOUS), and breaking out into small groups on occasion to help get to know one another better. Most importantly, we want these world-changers to experience God's presence and Holy Spirit power in a real and life-changing way! They'll find that here!

Youth Camp

Every June :: See Calendar for Dates

Every summer, we take our students to our district campgrounds in Ozark, MO, for a POWER-PACKED week of youth services, games, swimming, blobbing (if you don't know what this is, you haven't lived yet), and other really cool stuff. Most importantly, our students get to be in an environment where PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED (all the parents say, "Hallelujah!") and they get to listen to life-changing Word and be in a place where Holy Spirit is free to move and do His work! Don't let your youth miss it!
Costs and instructions are posted online (web+app+CCB) and given out during onelife.

Other Fun Stuff

As Announced :: Check Our Calendar

We have other great things planned for students throughout the year. Each year, we go to an awesome youth retreat called 'The QUAD', we go to Winter Jam, we have fun game nights, we go caroling, we have a New Year's Eve Bash, and other stuff we know students will love! Some events are free of charge and some events have a cost associated with them. To help parents out, our calendar will have all those details for you and you can access it on our webpage or our church app any time!

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