Due to inclement weather+icy parking lot, Sunday (Jan.20) services have been cancelled!


Pastors & Staff

Ken & Jeannie Robinson

Lead Pastors

  • Lead Pastors for 20 Years and Counting!
  • Their passion for God and heart for people are unparalleled!
  • Join us on this amazing journey!
  • The best is yet to come!

David Cox

Youth & Associate Pastor

Not to burst your bubble, but you should probably skip the bean dip, potato chip! At least for now. We do have some fun details coming up soon, though!

Brenda Johnson

Connect Pastor

Good things come to those who wait... and the fun details we're about to list here are gonna be worth that wait! Trust us!

Chad Robinson

Worship & Creative Arts Pastor (Pic w/niece Kenley)

You're gonna want to hold off on making those nachos and sitting down for some good reads, because this section is not quite ready! But stay stocked up on that cheese because you're gonna want to come back soon for this good stuff!

Julie Talley

Office Administrator

Roses are red, violets are blue, your face is gonna frown... because this section is not quite ready yet! That's okay, though... because we know your stash of chocolate is strong! Bon app├ętit and come back now, ya hear!

Kaysha Daugherty

Interim KiDZ Director

We know you're wearing your favorite sweat pants and have patiently paused your favorite Hallmark movie to read this section. BUT NEVER FEAR! Fun details are coming, like, real' soon!